Graphic Illustration

This image hasn’t much sense at all… it’s just a way to show the main character of Crystal Wizard. Everyone will play as a little mage who can shoot a great number of Spell. The outfit of the character will change according to the spell chosen at the beginning of every match.

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And a cool image for ispiration :)


Procrastination: The art of replacing high-priority actions with tasks of lower priority.

The time will come when i can work on this project as i want. I will make a blog of presentation very soon, i will explain mechanics, dynamics and aesthetics of this game and why this project is so important to me. The only thing i can tell you now is tha, i will release a demo as soon as i complete the prototype i’m working on.

Time required: 4/5 months at least

And as a big surprise i appearead on a new blog with an interesting goal: show blogs of new developers to let them feel more followed!
Thanks to you guys! This is a great incentive.

Link to my post: Crystal Wizard on IndieGameBlogs

Current Task: Responsive GUI
Bug Fixed: Destroy Object over the network.

Still working on Interface

I haven’t enough time to work properly on this project as i wish, still doing my job when i can. This time i focused on GUI, studying the worst case scenario: A Player who choose every color for his spells. It’s pretty full, as you can see. But, as a graphic designer, i can’t ignore these kind of problems.

GUI worst case scenario

I Created a new illustration for the spell “Burning Zone”, these are the two illustrations i have so far. They took me abouth 30-40 each.

Red Spell List

Choose Spell – Screen


GUI First attempt